TEDtalk - Kiran Bedi: A police chief with a difference

This weeks TEDtalk in my podcast catcher is about A police chief with a difference by Kiran Bedi. She is Director General of the Indian Police Service.

Before you watch the video, stop a moment to think about what kind of a person she might be. What about her family? Did she go to school? How come she went into the police force?

Now watch her talk. You might find it difficult as she speaks quite fast.

1. (00:15-1:43) In the first part she speaks about her origins. What was unusual about her family?

2. (1:43-2:27) I'll give you two facts and numbers from her talk. Find out what she says about them.

life is on an incline.
90% - 10%

3. (3:15-3:40) The police force, she says, has three kinds of powers. What are they? Which one is the most important one for her?

4. When she joined the police force, she went on a policing assignment (3:50-4:55) and on a prison assignment (4:30-7:00). Both were very unusual. What happened? What did she do?

5. (8:05-8:30) What is she working on now?
Kiran Bedi's talk.


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